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Blow Ye Winds  trad.

 Lyrics and chords courtesy of

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recorded by Roger Chartier on his "Sailor Songs" CD

It was advertised in Boston , New York and Buffalo
C                           G           D
A hundred hearty sailors a whaling for to go

CHORUS After each verse
Singing Blow ye winds in the morning and blow ye winds hi ho
C                        G                           D              G
Haul away the running gear and blow boys blow

They’ll take you to New Bedford that famous whaling port and
C                           G                    D
Hand you to some landsharks to board and fit you out

They tell you of the clipper ships a going in and out
They say you’ll take 500 sperm before your six months out

It’s now were out to sea my boys the wind comes on to blow
Half the watch is sick on deck the other half below  

But as for provisions we don’t get half enough
A little piece of stinking beef and a blamed small bag of duff .

Next comes the running rigging which you’re all supposed to know
Lay aloft you son of a gun or overboard you’ll go 

The skippers on the quarter deck a squinting at the sails
When up aloft the lookout spots a mighty school of whales 

Now clear away the boats my boys and after him we’ll travel
But if you get too near his fluke he’ll kick you to the devil

Now we’ve got him turned up we’ll tow him alongside
Over with our blubber hooks and we’ll rob him of his hide.

Now comes the stowing down, my boy, ‘twill take both night and day
You’ll all get two bits after six months to the day

Chords and lyrics courtesy   

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