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Lyrics List Below

A song with the * after it is available as recorded by Roger Chartier on CD
or as a download from the online store linked above.
Click on the song to hear a sample.   Some of these lyrics pages have the chords.
A Cruising We Will Go Drunken Sailor* Paddy Doyle's Boots
A Hundred Years From Now The Ebenezer * Paddy Get Back
A Long Time Ago The Edmund Fitzgerald Paddy West
A Rollin' Down the River Eight Bells Pay Me the Money Down
A Rovin' Eliza Lee Pirate Song
A Sailor Loves The Erie Canal Pleasant And Delightful
A Wet Sheet And A Flowing Sea The Essequibo River Poor Joe The Marine
Abdul Abulbul Amir Farewell To Grog Poor Old Horse
Across The Western Ocean The Faithful Sailor Boy Proud Sally
A Cruising We Will Go The Female Smuggler Quare Bungle Rye
Admiral Benbow Fire Down Below Queen Of Connemara
Aha Me Boys - Lukey's Boat Fire Maringo Randy Dandy O
Alabama John Cherokee The Fire Ship Ratcliffe Highway
All For Me Grog   * The Fish Of The Sea Reuben Ranzo
Anchors Aweigh - Navy Song The Flash Frigate The River Lea
Andrew Barton The Flying Cloud Roast Beef of Old England
Around Cape Horn The Gals Of Dublin Town Rolling Down To Old Maui
Asleep In The Deep General Taylor Roll Alabama Roll
Away Rio The Girl I Left Behind Me Roll The Cotton Down
Aweigh Santy Ano The Glasgow Roll The Old Chariot Along
The Ballad Of Captain Kidd Go To Sea No More Rolling Home
The Balena The Golden Vanity The Roseabella
Baltimore Shanty The Good Ship Calibar Round The Bay Of Mexico
Banana Boat Song (Day-O) The Good Ship Kangaroo Round The Corner
Bang Lulu Good Bye Fare You Well Sailing Sailing
The Banks Of The Brandywine Greenland Fishery Sailors Alphabet
The Banks Of New Foundland The Grey Funnel Line Sailors Farewell Hymn
The Banks Of The Nile The Handsome Cabin Boy Sally Brown
The Banks Of The Sacramento Hanging Johnny Santa Ana or The Plains Of Mexico
The Banks Of Sweet Loch Ray Haul Away Joe* Saturday Night At Sea
The Bark Gay Head Hawl On The Bowline* The Saucy Arethusa
Barnacle Bill The Sailor * Heart Of Oak The Saucy Sailor Boy
Battle of the Chesapeake & The Shannon Heave Away Me Johnnies Serafina
Bay Of Biscay Henry Martin The Sheffield Apprentice
Bay Of Biscay ll Hi Lo Johnny Brown Shenandoah*
Bell Bottom Trousers Hieland Laddie* The Ship That Never Returned
Ben Backstay High Barbaree Shoals Of Herring
The Bigler Hills Of Isle Of Haut Show Me The Way To Go Home
Blackbird H M S Hood Sir Richard Grenville's Farewell
Black Eyed Susan The Holy Ground* Skye Boat Song
Bold Dighton Homeward Bound Sloop John B.*
The Bold Princess Royal Houseboat Katie* Song Of The Fishes
Bold Riley Huckleberry Hunting South Australia
Boston Harbor I Am A Brisk And Sprightly Lad Spanish Ladies (British Version)
Botany Bay I Come From Salem City Spanish Ladies - Roger Chartier's-Yankee Version
The Blackball Line I Popped Out Stand To Your Guns
Blood Red Roses Indian Lass Stately Southerner
Blow Bullies Blow In Heaven There Is No Beer Stormy Weather Boys
Blow The Man Down * Irish Rover Strike The Bell
Blow The Wind Westerly I Saw Three Ships Tarpaulin Jacket
Blow Ye Winds * It's Of A Sailor Bold Ten Thousand Miles
Bobby Shaftoe Jackaroe Ten Thousand Miles Away
Bold Nelson's Praise Jack the Sailor The Single Sailor
The Bonny ship The Diamond Boney John Dory The Token
British Man O War Johnny Kanakanaka The Unfortunate Miss Bailey
Brother Noah Johnny Boker The Whalefishes
Bound For The Rio Grande The Landlady Of France Three Score And Ten
Bully In The Alley The Lass Of Swansea Town Tom Bowline
Bye Bye Roseanna Leave Her Johnnie Leave Her Tom Tough
Can Of Grog The Leaving Of Liverpool* Tom's Gone To Hilo
Can you Dance The Polka Le Grand Coureur Topman And The Afterguard
Cape Cod Girls * Les Filles De La Rochelle Van Diemen's Land
Captain Kidd Let The Bulgine Run Waltzing Matilda
C'est L'Aviron Lime Juice Ship The Water Is Wide*
Cheerly Man Lisbon We Be Three Poor Mariners
Clear The Track London Julies We're All Bound To Go
The Coast Of High Barbaree Lowlands When I Was A Lad
Cockles And Mussels The Low Low Lands Of Holland Whiskey For My Johnny
The Common Sailor Lustily Whiskey In The Jar
The Constitution And The Guerriere Maggie May Whup Jamboree
Crossing The Bar The Marines Hymn Why Should We Quarrel For Riches
The Cumberland And The Merimack Married To A Mermaid Will Watch
Dance To your Daddy The Mermaid Won't you Go My Way
The Dark Eyed Sailor Mingulay Boat Song Yankee John Stormalong
The Dead Horse My Boy Willie Yankee Man O War
Derelict My Johnnie Is A Shoemaker Ye Mariners
The Dogger Bank Nancy Lee Ye Parliament Of England
Down To Hilo The Nobleman's Daughter Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum*
The Dreadnaught The Norfolk Girls Young Monroe
  O Columbia the Gem Of The Ocean  
  Old Stormalong  
  Old Fall River Line  
  One Of The Roaming Kind  
  Only One More Day copyright 2001 - 2016 Roger Chartier
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