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Hieland Laddie


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Was you ever in Quebec? Bonnie Laddie , Hieland laddie

Stowing lumber on the deck Bonnie Hie - land Laddie


Way hey and away we’ll go Bonnie Laddie, Hieland Laddie

Way hey and away we’ll go My bonnie, Hie - land Laddie

Was you ever in Mobile bay, Bonnie Laddie, Hieland Laddie?

Screwing cotton all the day Bonnie, Hie - land Laddie …..


Was you ever in Mi – ra – ma - shee? Bonnie Laddie, Hieland Laddie?

Where you tie up to a tree Bonnie, Hie – land Laddie ….


Was you ever in New Bedford port, Bonnie, Laddie, Hieland Laddie?

With the girls did you cavort? Bonnie, Hieland Lad – die…


Was you ever in Baltimore Bonnie Laddie, Hieland Laddie?

Dancing on the sanded floor Bonnie Hie - land Laddie…


Was you ever round Cape Horn Bonnie Laddie , Hieland Laddie?

Where you wish to God you’d never been born? Bonnie Hie - land Laddie?..


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